Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So yesterday night at 6pm the piano prep school that i take piano at had its christmas recital. I played What child is this/carol of the bells by dr ledgerwood. (idk his first name..he is a really good piano player and teaches at the prep school) And emilie played We wish you a merry christmas. She did really good and she worked really hard :) (2 weeks before she didnt have it memorized and we were all supposed to have it memorized). I worked my butt off for 6 weeks and it all happened in about 3 minutes.. The song i played was about 2 levels above the level that i am so it was hard. My teacher said i did AMAZING & and dude who wrote it his wife was in there and said she really enjoyed it so im pretty sure it went well :) (which im thankful for)


emilie from youniqe


  1. Good Job!
    It sounded GREAT at Thnxgivin too!! =)
    luv Miki

  2. thanks miki :) ya we were FREEKING out! and on the way we (i went to emilies to get ready) were singing "we're goona die!, but thats ok!"