Friday, April 6, 2012

How-to-do it.

Hey everyone! So the post i did a couple days ago i had a couple emails asking me "how did you do that?"
this is one of the pictures
  To tell the truth it is actually pretty simple. What you need: A camera and a tripod. Then at dusk you go out to a somewhat busy street (or a really busy street) and set up your tripod and camera on the side of the street, or on a bridge going over the street, or anywhere facing the street.

Then id say set your shutter speed to 8 seconds or longer (you could probably do shorter but then the streaks wont be as long and bright). Now point your camera towards the sky and set aperture till your meter says you have a correct exposure. Set your camera on your tripod and click away!  I would suggest using a self timer so that you don't bump the camera and get blurry pictures. I sadly didn't take any pictures of me doing it :P sorry! I tried to find a picture of someone doing it online but i could not :( Anyways all the pictures (except the very top) i got off of google :)

I am NOT AT ALL a  pro at this but i read a couple different posts and part of a book about this. And im just saying from what i did. If you want to know more you could google it (that what i did) or email me but this is pretty much all i know!  :).  My settings were: F-stop-22, Shutter speed-8 seconds, ISO-400


  1. What if you don't have an Ipod.


    1. tripod. And if you dont have a tripod then you cant do it ;)