Monday, May 14, 2012

The front walkway.

So i'v always thought that our front walkway was pretty cool. And i thought i'd be cool to take some pictures of it. :) It was very dark so i had it on a 10 sec. shutter speed and on my tripod. It was really fun doing different stuff with it :)  So anyways, here is what i got!

 This picture is just a normal picture. This is what i was originally going out to take :)
 This picture i zoomed in and out and in and out very slowly to get this
 This one i took off the tripod and jiggled the camera up and down.
This one at first for like 5 seconds i had it on the tripod so that the lights and stuff would be burnt in the picture, then i took it off and jiggled it. (if you cant tell all the white lines are the lights on the ground but by jiggling it it makes them scribbles on the picture.

So ya... that it!